Shipping and future plans - January 2021 Update

Hello! Thanks to anyone who has bought, supported or expressed interest over the first 2 months of VPP being open! It has been a learning experience for sure, but we continue to try and improve service.

As of January 24th, 2021 most major shipping services (USPS in particular in our case) have increased costs of shipping fairly dramatically. To address this I've invested in a more expensive monthly plan with the host company of this store's service, as well as added the option to use UPS as a shipping option at check out for flexibility. This has brought prices back down to a more reasonable cost, but I intend to continue to address shipping costs as they are still a tad high for my liking.

In addition, we also now offer local delivery up to 20 miles away from us now instead of 10! The price after 10 miles increases by 1 dollar per 5 miles. This should hopefully alleviate high shipping costs that are so close to home.

Now on to what 2021 holds for VPP! The current plan as of now is to have two new sauces available this year. One will hopefully be available during the spring, and the other will land sometime later in fall most likely. In addition to the new sauces, we're going to begin selling pickled peppers in varying heat levels, as well as spicy dill pickles. Lastly, the last addition to our store will be the option to buy fresh hot peppers grown here at the farm during our harvest season. This is only available to be shipped within the United States, unfortunately. We are starting our peppers on February 1st, so follow along on Facebook and Instagram @Vtpepperproject to follow along the progress!

To summarize, 2021 will bring:

-More Affordable Shipping Options

-2 New Hot Sauces

-Spicy Dill Cucumber Pickles

-Pickled Hot Peppers

-Fresh Super Hot Peppers

-More of the same delicious sauces we currently offer


Thanks again everyone



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