• Who We Are

    Vermont Pepper Project is a spicy culinary experience with recipes rooted in family and friends with a deep appreciation for the state of Vermont.

    There is a unique story behind each sauce, and flavor is paramount. That being said, they are hot sauces so you better believe there is heat in each bottle.

  • Our Ingredients

    We focus on using as many local and home grown ingredients as possible.

    All of our chili peppers are grown less than 200 yards from our hot sauce kitchen, right here in Vermont.

  • Our Journey

    Vermont Pepper Project started as a hobby. We made hot sauces to give to our friends and family who enjoy spicy foods. As time went by, and the positive reviews came in we were encouraged to make more and try to sell it, so here we are. I love to share the journey of growing the chili peppers, from seed to pepper pod.

    This is just the beginning of the Vermont Pepper Project, and the heat is only going to increase!

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