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Vermont Pepper Project

Not Your Basic Batch of Pumpkin Spice

Not Your Basic Batch of Pumpkin Spice

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Heat Scale: 🌶️🌶️ Medium

Ingredients: Roast pumpkin, Pineapple juice, Apple cider Vinegar, Scotch bonnet peppers, pumpkin pie spice, salt, black pepper

Try This With: chicken, thanksgiving dinner, desserts, breakfast foods

Size: sold in 5 ounce bottles

Product Description:
Everyone and their mother knows about the pumpkin spice trend that comes around every fall. So basic, right? Well, why not a pumpkin spice hot sauce? Enter the seasonal VPP pumpkin spice hot sauce. Roast pumpkin and pumpkin spice meets the tropical duo of pineapple juice and scotch bonnet peppers to form a sauce that is not so basic after all. This not so basic batch of sauce is only available in limited quantities in autumn and winter so make sure you don't miss out on your chances!

This sauce was a very spontaneous idea once we realized we had a sizeable pumpkin harvest.  What do we do best? Get creative with ingredients and these pumpkins are no exception. We could have made pies, but that is too basic and not how we do things around here.

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